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Machine vibration is the result of many problems in industrial equipment. Integrated in your normal maintenance activities, periodic vibration measurement with VibChecker will go a long way to help keep your equipment operational.

Key features:

  • RMS, peak and peak-to-peak amplitude
  • ISO 2372 and ISO 10816 measurement
  • Metric or Imperial measuring units
  • 200 line bar or linear FFT spectrum
  • Internal probe
  • Connector for external ICP transducer
  • Durable and ergonomic design
  • EX version available

VibChecker combines handiness and ease of use with cost effectiveness and durability. Suited to both new and experienced users, VibChecker covers the basic vibration monitoring needs of your maintenance organization.

TD sheets

VibChecker VC100
Swedish179 kB
English169 kB
German152 kB
French152 kB
Spanish153 kB
Italian155 kB
Dutch179 kB
Czech166 kB
VibChecker VC100 Ex
Swedish121 kB
English112 kB
German100 kB